The Flowr Of Lyfe Story


Eugene Oregon's Premiere Cannabis Experience

Flowr Of Lyfe was founded in 2015, rising out of the ashes of our smaller medical dispensary KushMD. In the beginning we passionately served patient needs in the Willamette Valley using our expertise and network to ensure patients we able to get the best medicine at the best possible prices

Since our founding a lot has changed but our vision has not. As one of the first to add recreational along with medical At Flowr of Lyfe we continue to strive to bring you only the best small batch, wild crafted, boutique flowers from local, artisanal, master growers.

We are locally patient owned and operated with an experienced, knowledgeable, inspired, and friendly staff to help you with all your cannabis needs.

Meet the Flowr Of Lyfe Team

With over 50 years combined experience in the cannabis industry Flowr Of Lyfe is commited to the plant, its history as well as its future. We are locally patient owned and operated with an experienced, knowledgable, inspired, and friendly staff to help you with all your cannabis needs.


Morgan Glenn


Morgan Glenn has over 25 years experience in the cannabis industry as a cultivator and dispensary owner. He was born in New York City, lived all over the US before finishing school at the top of his class. Morgan attended the University Of Michigan at age 17 and received his bachelors in aerospace engineering from the premier space program in the US.

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Always politically active he became a community activist in Ann Arbor and worked on many environmental issues as well as coordinating congressional political campaigns. After moving to Eugene, OR he further worked on environmental campaigns and in the natural foods industry, growing organic produce for the Oregon Country Fair. During this time he has also been a longtime organic cannabis grower since 1988 and the second person ever to grow the legendary Eugene strain, the Trinity or TC, which his partner created.

Morgan is well entrenched in the Oregon cannabis growing community,  and has helped to develop a network of growers in Oregon to protect heirloom strains and produce large amounts of cannabis to compete with the larger players. Along with Lisa Della Croce, he is working hard to build Flowr Of Lyfe to be a well recognized name in the cannabis industry through advocacy and political action.


Lisa Dellacroce


Lisa Della Croce has a passion for cannabis. Her experience includes 25 years cultivating and dispensing cannabis, including opening Kush MMD…the first dispensary in downtown Eugene, OR.


Despite modest beginnings related to resistance from landlords and building size restrictions, she crafted it into a successful endeavor which focused heavily on customer service and responding directly to patients medical needs. Lisa was always hands on and interactive with her clientele and not just running the operation from her office.

She was also the first licensed Cannabis business to be an active member of the Chamber Of Commerce as well as being chosen to be a partner in Veterans issues regarding medical marijuana. In addition to her experience within the cannabis industry, Lisa also has experience in distribution creating efficient processes and was also an entrepreneur, selling handmade goods in the United States and Mexico.

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